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Emerge Empowered through Education and Courage

Brave, bold, beautiful investing in personal development

Unlike any other form of self-defence.
These workshops ar
e proven to work using holistic modalities that work with your mind, body and soul. 

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About Antonella

Empowerwd woman taking her power back. COnfident in life

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I'm Antonella, a dedicated advocate for women's empowerment on a global scale. My work's mission is to equip women with the tools they need to establish robust boundaries, identify healthy behaviours, and assert themselves confidently to live their lives free from violence and abuse.

In my role as an international trainer specialising in primary violence prevention education, I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I operate through a trauma-informed lens, I employ a multifaceted approach, incorporating personality profiling tools, personal development strategies, physical self-defence techniques, and positive psychology.

With almost a decade of experience as a conflict resolution mediator and behavioural therapist, my skills extend to teaching Emotional and Social Development (ESD) and social skills to a diverse range of individuals, including neuro-diverse children and adults.

I firmly believe in the inherent sovereignty of every individual, transcending cultural, age, religious, social status, and gender boundaries. My commitment lies in empowering individuals to defend themselves against the spectrum of abuse.

Early education is key, and I advocate for instilling the ability to recognise malicious, bullying, and tyrannical behaviours from a young age. Knowing these skills, individuals can respond effectively in real-time, preventing situations from escalating.

My teaching philosophy is rooted in theories of transformational adult learning, fostering an environment of enjoyment, trust, sharing, and high-vibrational activities.


I go beyond teaching skills; I guide you in reconnecting with your inner power through the intricate connection of mind, body, and soul. The journey involves gentle support to help you gain profound insights into your own personality.

Join me on this transformative path towards self-empowerment and discover a renewed sense of confidence and strength. Let's embark on this journey together as you unlock the doors to a life filled with resilience and personal growth.



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Josephine Wilson

" I had the privilege of attending the Empowered Self-Defense workshop today, which proved an incredibly transformative and practical experience. Antonella, our facilitator, personifies groundedness and empowerment. Throughout the workshop, her nurturing approach cultivated a secure and supportive environment for all participants. Her training went beyond merely teaching physical self-defense techniques; she instilled a profound sense of accountability, validation, and self-confidence.


What truly sets Antonella apart is her exceptional ability to connect with each participant and tailor the course to meet the group's specific needs. In a world where women often contend with gaslighting, self-doubt, and stereotypical labels of too sensitive," too loud," too emotional," or too aggressive," all of which can erode self-confidence, Antonella was able to skillfully guide us back to a place of objectivity, strength, and self-assuredness. Antonella's work is undeniably essential.


I sincerely hope that the significance of this course receives the widespread recognition it deserves. Her expertise could be a valuable addition to any program centered on self-fulfillment, advocacy, sovereignty, and more. Not only is Antonella a remarkable human, but she also exhibits high effectiveness and efficiency in her teaching methods. If you are seeking a workshop that seamlessly integrates conscious cognitive recognition, empowerment, and practical self-defence skills, I wholeheartedly recommend Antonella as your facilitator. This experience has proven invaluable, and it should be an integral part of the mainstream curriculum for our children.

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The Association of ESD Professionals is a brand new professional membership association created to elevate and fortify the Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) profession, expand the reach of ESD, engage the community, and support ESD instructors, instructor-trainers, researchers, writers, volunteers, advocates, and other violence-prevention professionals who adhere to the principles of ESD. Wherever you live in the world, please consider joining us as we work together toward our shared violence-prevention goals.


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