Tired of not being able to set strong boundaries?

Antonella Spatola ESD

Break free from having self doubt and low confidence so you can lead an empowered life and feel in control 

You are worth it!

Hi!! I am Antonella and I help women like you become confident in setting boundaries and feel empowered to be assertive and take your power back.


I coach women around the world through a trauma-informed lens using personal development theories and positive psychology. I have a B.A. in Psychology  I am certified Wing Chun Instructor teaching personal self defence since 1996.


​I direct my time and energy into early intervention for school students, educating teachers on primary prevention and supporting Domestic Abuse survivors, helping survivors heal through reconnecting with their power.

I am a professional mediator in conflict resolution, a behavioural therapist teaching ESD and social skills to children and adults through NDIS.


 I also am the Regional Manager for ESD Global Inc - a train the trainer organisation; training community leaders in The Asia Pacific region who work in the violence prevention space supporting the implementation of ESD programs in their organisations.

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Gain insights to the blocks you have in becoming your true empowered self via online coaching.

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Join women like you who want to learn physical, verbal and psychological skills for self protection in a friendly and non-judgmental workshop.

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 1 on 1 Session 

Train directly with Antonella to feel empowered and confident in your ability to be assertive


NDIS Training

Learn boundary setting, assertiveness skills and verbal strategies in the comfort of your own home or face to face for NDIS participants.

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Group Class

Join women at Qi Flow Studio to learn the physical, verbal and psychological skills of self protection.

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Learn boundary setting, assertiveness skills and verbal strategies in the comfort of your own home.

Why does Wisdom For Women teach ESD?


ESD Australia - Wisdom for Women uses proven methodologies through EDUCATION to prevent and respond to violence through a unique fusion of verbal, emotional, psychological and physical self-defence techniques - This is not a martial arts class. ESD was developed in the '70s by women for women's bodies and to deal with women-specific safety issues. These philosophies are delivered in a compassionate and fun way suitable to everyone of all ages.

ESD Australia - Wisdom For Women ENCOURAGE girls and women to reconnect with their inner power to give you the tools and confidence to assert your right to feel safe and consequently changes the root conditions that allow violence against women to increase in our society by setting boundaries and becoming aware of what tools you have in an informative and non-threatening environment.

ESD Australia - Wisdom For Women EMPOWER girls and women to love and live a life free from violence and restrictions but as statistics show that 73% of sexual assault victims know their perpetrator so physical defence is not always going to be the primary option compared to verbal and psychological defence strategies.



Wisdom For Women connects with participants through different mediums to suit the needs of each individual. Instructors are trauma-informed and have the disposition to be genuine, compassionate, and trained in ESD. 


Wisdom For Women provides training for groups, corporate, school programs, one-on-one coaching sessions, seniors, NDIS clients, and support workers.

By normalising and encouraging women's empowerment, Wisdom For Women aims to break the cycle of violence through positive mindset change and establish new beliefs around healthy relations, red flag situations and belief in ones ability to set boundaries to protect oneself. 


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Joanne H

Sandra L

Angela S

Sofia J

Just do it! Leave any concepts that you have about self defence, this is different!!

Do It! Every women and age would benefit.

I feel more assertive and confident.

I had no expectations - I’m just very glad I chose to attend.

Brittany T

Mary L

Annisa K

India R

The engagement of all in the group. The approachability and likability of Antonella

I'm so glad that is was not just focused on physical defence.

Overcoming ingrained politeness and quietness and tendency to negotiate in the face of attack and crossed boundaries.

This is  fun, taught in a  non-threatening environment where you learn techniques to boost confidence and be able to defend themselves in difficult situations.