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Women’s Workshops

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Only 6 participants in each workshop


Every Woman should learn basic Self Defence skills and NO, this is unlike any other self-defence class. Times are available for everyone.​Book your personal safety workshop today! 5 hrs of Psychological, Verbal & Physical Skills (30 mins for lunch)

Are you: Scared to speak up and ask for what you need? Not sure how to tell someone NO? Always pleasing others to avoid confrontations? Scared to walk alone at night? Unhappy with how you are treated in relationships? Not confident in defending yourself physically?

Do you want to: Reconnect with your inner power and confidence? Learn how to set boundaries without feeling guilty? Develop strategies to diffuse heated or potentially dangerous situations? Do you want to feel more confident in your life?  


Empowerment Self Defence (ESD) is unlike any other form of self-defence. Taught by International trainer Antonella with over 20 years of self-defence for women experience.

ESD is a comprehensive, evidence-based, trauma-informed approach to resisting and preventing violence that:

  • Focuses on everyday harassment to life-threatening situations.

  • Is grounded in empirical evidence about assaults and the kinds of responses that are most likely to stop them.

  • Recognises that most assaults are perpetrated by acquaintances and intimates and provides strategies appropriate for these situations.

  • Teaches effective physical tactics that require minutes or hours rather than years to master and can be adapted for anybody.

Learn psychological tricks to recognise manipulative behaviours, learn how to catch someone out and respond instead of freezing. Learn assertive responses.

What you will learn? 

  • The 5 Principles of ESD 

  • Say no without saying 'No'. 

  • Set firm boundaries

  • Take command of your voice

  • Have strong body language  

  • The signs of Coercive Control 

  • Strong and weak targets 

  • Feel and think confidently under pressure 

  • Negotiation skills 

  • Navigate uncomfortable conversations

  • How to recognise red flag behaviours 

  • Be comfortable saying No 

  • Stand up to bullies 

  • Be able to teach your kids basic skills 

  • Discover why it's hard for you to set boundaries

  • How to stay calm under pressure 

  • Use all your body to defend yourself 

  • Discover your hidden strengths  

And much more


Antonella Spatola advocates for learning Empowerment through Self Defence alongside Personality Profiling through a trauma-informed framework. She is the founder and instructor for ESD Australia - Wisdom For Women. With a heart fuelled by a passion for individual transformation, Antonella's demeanour makes it easy for her to genuinely connect with people from all walks of life and provide support to empower them to work through their journey.

Antonella has a B.A. in Psychology, is a train-the-trainer in ESD, a personality profiler, a conflict resolution mediator, a mentor and coach and works with neuro-diverse individuals as a behavioural therapist. Antonella's diverse skill set encompasses being a certified Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor infusing ancient wisdom into modern philosophy.


With over two decades of experience in teaching ESD, her knowledge is a rich tapestry woven from her global experience. Antonella's compassionate spirit extends to using a holistic approach of personality profiling, guiding her clients on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.


Antonella develops unique ESD programs which have been taught to women leaders from all over Asia and accepted by the Department of Education in the Philippines, The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region for Muslim Youth, and Spirit and Movement in Thailand for Women exiled from Myanmar.


Her commitment to fostering safety and self-assurance radiates through her training methodologies. Antonella's role as a Lead Instructor and mentor for ESD Global paints a vivid picture of her commitment to the betterment of society.


From 2021 to 2022, Antonella was the regional manager for ESD Global Inc in the Asia Pacific region. Her influence continues to ripple as she empowers fellow ESD instructors, fostering a community of change agents dedicated to violence prevention. Her advocacy echoes through her training, permeating the global community with proactive measures against violence.


Antonella Spatola's journey encapsulates an odyssey of empowerment, wisdom, and boundless dedication. Her narrative resonates as an ode to transformation, a symphony of strength that continues to inspire lives worldwide.


*Once you book and pay the address will be sent to you the day before

*All classes are confidential and discreet

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