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Teenage Workshops

Recognise when you are being peer pressured or bullied and use your self-protection skills to stand up for yourself.

12 to 17 Girls

Book your daughter's personal safety workshop today

$149 3 hrs

Register your daughter to learn self-protection skills to recognise unwanted and stressful situations when it is happening and defend herself from physical, sexual, verbal, and psychological violence in real time.

Antonella delivers an immersive ESD training program, recognising threatening and abusive behaviours and building awareness and confidence of personal strengths and intelligence to interrupt violence before escalating in real-time.

The training is designed to teach practical strategies that can be used in everyday situations with people you know and with strangers using verbal and psychological strategies and learning how to regulate oneself under stress emotionally.

ESD training is designed by women for women and is age appropriate. ESD is taught all around the world and is an evidence-based training that has shown a reduction in becoming a victim of violence.

What past students have said ....


"The ESD workshop was both fun and informative. In the little time we had I was able to learn self defence is more than just defending through fighting, but I could defend myself using my voice". Jessie H 13


"The activities held were insightful and helped us imagine what we would do if something would happen in real-time. The ESD workshop was very enjoyable,  and I think everyone should be given a chance to attend this workshop". - Maia B, 16

"Thank you so much, Antonella! I have learnt so much about myself and what I'm capable of! I feel so empowered xoxo "Kate L 14

"This workshop was a fantastic experience. I have learnt to believe in my own strength and my own intuition. I can empower myself simply by using my voice and this can help to protect me". Anisa K 17

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