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This Is For YOU!!!!

FREE Women's 
Discover Your Potential
3 Day Workshop

Reserve Your Seat in Our Exclusive 3-Day Women's Self-Empowerment Workshop!

Limited to Only 10 Participants 

Thanks to Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre
You are invited to register your spot today.

Don't Miss Out!

In recognition of Family And Domestic Violence Month in May

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Hello, I'm Antonella, and I'm excited to share a part of my empowerment journey with you.


As an immigrant to Australia who once struggled with language barriers, shyness and confusion, I understand the challenges of not feeling confident and trying to find my true identity. I yearned for strong women who were role models who could guide me to becoming assertive, articulate my thoughts, and be a confident and strong woman.

Today, having travelled the world learning about inner development and self-defence I now teach transformative methodologies of self-protection and personal development exclusively for women and girls.


I am honoured to facilitate a groundbreaking three-day workshop for you. Thank you to the Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre, which has funded this workshop so you can attend for FREE to raise awareness for Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in May. I invite you to join me in reclaiming your power and committing to three days of immersive training.

This workshop is for you if you are ready to:

  • Take responsibility for your personal growth

  • Start living a fulfilling life without fear

  • Learn tools and skills that empower you in all areas of your life

  • Learn who you really are and use this to live with purpose

  • Challenge yourself, knowing this is for your highest good

  • Commit and embrace the teachings 

  • Support and hold the space for yourself and the other women

  • Have emotional resiliency to work through some of your personal struggles

Normally, women pay $2500 for these 3-day workshops, but thanks to Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre, only 10 women residing in Beenligh are invited to participate in a life-changing journey. 

This workshop is designed to help you embrace your vulnerability, overcome challenges, and discover an inner strength you've never felt before. It's a space where women uplift and support one another without judgment, blame, or attack.


Together, we'll reclaim our power, taking accountability for our self-protection and how we present ourselves to the world.

During these three days, you'll explore your personality through the Enneagram and understand how it supports your journey to empowerment. You'll also learn self-protection and self-empowerment skills that will enhance your quality of life by expanding your choices, improving your relationships with yourself and others, and connecting with the force within to create a life where you feel in control.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life. Register now for an experience that goes beyond self-defence—it's a journey to empowerment, strength, and realising your full potential in every choice you make. Let's embark on this empowering adventure together!


This workshop is an exploration of our relationship with ourselves and the external forces outside of us and what it means to feel sovereign and own the belief with the skills to stand up for our right to feel safe.  Included in this workshop are the following topics and questions:


  • My Personality Type

  • How my type influences all my choices good and bad

  • The power of choice

  • The power of words

  • How my choices disempower me and my loved ones

  • What empowers my soul?

  • What choices am I making that influence my happiness?

  • Why do we make these choices?

  • Why do we fear the things that empower us the most?

  • How do I create an empowered life?

  • What skills do I need to know to take my power back?

  • What am I capable of changing?

  • Why do I repeat the same dysfunctional patterns?

  • What easy changes I can start doing right now?

  • What does self-worth have to do with empowerment?

  • Empowerment through meditation?

  • Making long-term changes


It's Only About You

In the realm of empowerment and self-protection, I truly believe that each person's life is an ongoing journey of growth through courage. This path, though challenging, is a continuous process of learning and relearning vital universal life lessons.


Few revelations are as impactful and transformative as recognising the profound influence every choice holds, particularly the silent decisions we make within ourselves and most of the time unconsciously.


Within the upcoming 3-day workshop in May, you have the choice to join an exclusively tailored workshop for a select group of 10 women.


You will discover the extraordinary power within each choice and learn to wield it effectively. Empower yourself to shift the quality of your life with the transformative influence of mindful choices. Your empowerment journey awaits in May!

White Flowers

Unlock the Door to Your Inner 

Our upcoming 3-day workshop in May is an exclusive opportunity tailored for a limited group of 10 women.


Join us on this transformative journey, where you'll delve into the power of your choices, gaining invaluable insights and skills in self-protection.


Spaces are filling up fast, so seize this chance to secure your spot.


Don't miss out on this unique and intimate experience designed for personal growth and empowerment.


Reserve your place today and embark on a journey that will reshape the quality of your life!

Questions? Msg us direct on 0423 310471 or email us at Subject: May Workshop

To register, you must show you are a resident of Beenleigh and able and committed to attending ALL three days.

When: May Monday 27, Wednesday 29 and Friday 31 all day.

If you can't attend all 3 days, we still want to hear from you. Email us and let us know you are interested and we can contact you regarding other trainings. 


Book Your Spot Now!

The workshop will be held on:

Monday 27 May, Wednesday 29 May and Friday 31 May, all day.


Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre

10-12 James St, Beenleigh QLD 

For more information:


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