What Is Wisdom For Women?

Wisdom for Women uses proven methodologies to empower girls and women using verbal, emotional, personal development and physical self-defence techniques. This methodology is based on the fundamentals of Empowerment Self Defence (ESD) training. THINK, YELL, RUN, FIGHT and TELL are the five principles taught by ESD Global which Antonella teaches in her workshops. When you complete an ESD workshop, you will leave having insight into why you respond to uncomfortable and confronting situations and discover how you can break the pattern of past behaviours to serve you. ESD workshops also offers opportunities to be inspired by other women's stories and gain confidence to use the tools you learn in your every day life.


Empowerment Self Defence vs. Other Forms of Self-Defence

ESD is a comprehensive and holistic method of violence resistance education for women and other groups vulnerable to violence.


More traditional forms of self-defence, from the ancient martial arts to the more modern methods, were developed by men for male bodies and address the type of violence that is typically perpetrated by men against other men, such as hand-to-hand combat and violent crimes such as street brawls.


While these methods can be highly effective for women and men, they require intensive and long-term training. Most importantly, they do not address the aspects of sexual and gender-based violence—which is entirely different from typical male-on-male violence.


For example, the vast majority of female sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone known to the individual. Martial arts may give women excellent physical techniques, but they do not give her the skills to fend off an assault by someone she knows and cares about, like a family member or friend. Martial arts does not recognise that violence begins long before a hand is laid on the individual. Martial arts and other self-defence classes do not teach women awareness training and the skills to identify and interrupt an attack to prevent violence from escalating.


ESD fills this void by reminding girls and women they already have the power within and by using assertive body language, assertive boundary-setting skills, identifying red flags and making informed choices to assess and possibly avoid violent situations; it makes them a victor and not a victim. It also provides physical skills that are adapted specifically for sexual attacks and non invasive physical interactions, harnessing the strengths of women's bodies and psyches and setting them against the weaknesses of the bodies and minds of the assailants.


By making ESD training accessible to all women who want and need it, Wisdom For Women plays an integral role, which is the missing link to deal with violence against girls and women. Wisdom for Women also plays a role in helping prevent violence while also helping survivors heal and recover.


ESD works. It's proven, it's inexpensive, and it has a therapeutic benefit.


It's time to rally our resources and empower women to believe they are worth defending.

*ESD Australia does not discriminate and teaches anybody that feel they would benefit from ESD