One On One Coaching

Reconnect with the wisdom within you to gain courage, fortitude and self-awareness

One on one coaching with Antonella will support you by identifying your blocks, how to regain control of your identity while being knowelegable, caring and authentic.

You know that you can do better but you don't know how, putting on a brave face is getting tiring. It's time to feel empowered and take your power back.

* You have self-worth issues
* You believe you don't deserve anything good in your life
* You repeat the same mistakes in your relationships
* You constantly find that there are issues with at least one person at work
* You find it hard to trust men
* You feel disempowered to speak up when things don't feel right
* You respond with humour instead of being direct if somebody says hurtful things to you
* You think it's rude if you say no
* You are polite and you're scared people will call you a bitch if you say no
* You promise yourself you will say no but get pressured into saying yes
* You wish you could stand up for yourself
* You continue to help others when you really want to say no                                                                  * You try to speak up but the other person's aggressive tone makes you feel small and weak



You know you want to be more confident and assertive like the other women around you but would never believe that you can do that too….

  • You want to say what you really mean

  • You want to come up with some assertive responses to an offensive comment

  • You want to be more in control of your emotions if someone makes you angry

  • You want to look confident if someone is trying to intimidate you

And the worst thing? Your kids and those around you keep taking advantage of your niceness and no one listens to you.

You do not have to suffer anymore.

I have helped hundreds of women just like you from not being confident to say no to what they don’t want to be able to say yes to what they want.  Furthermore, they are now able to assert their right to feel safe and strong without sounding like they are rude or aggressive.


Recent graduates from the ESD Australia workshops have said that my approach is unlike anything they thought it would be.

  • The information is relevant and thought-provoking.

  • The concepts are easy to understand and remember.

  • The practical skills are safe and effective.

My approach is informed by over 20 years of teaching self-defence with a holistic approach of studying human behaviour with a framework around positive psychology coaching.

With a degree in psychology, a trained mediator in conflict resolution, a certified Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor, a behavioural therapist and a coach in Australia, Asia, the US and Europe.


Gain insights to your areas of vulnerbilitiess so you can take your power back.


Discover your  values so you can set strong boundaries for yourself and against others.


Learn to control your emotions so you can think clearly in times of stress.


Look, feel and act conmnfident when someone is trying to intimidate you.

A one on one coaching package with Antonella includes three 60min online sessions 

Drawing from my own personal experience as an immigrant to Australia at seven and a half years old I had to navigate through learning about a new culture and getting an education as my parents were dealing with their own assimilation into a new country they did provide the essentials to my sisters and but never learnt to speak up, defend myself or set my boundaries.

I have come far on my own to teach myself how to speak up and it is an ever-evolving journey where I am constantly learning new things about myself and I constantly practice what I preach.


Because as women we are always navigating the areas of being assertive whilst being empathic and understanding and where our needs are is always a conversation I have with myself.


The more I practice boundary setting, honouring my needs and learning about myself the more I give myself grace and nurturing to be kind to myself.  And this is what I want for you.

June 24, 2021 434 (1).jpg


Imagine if your kindness and femineity is the strength you need…. well that’s exactly what is needed in the world, you need some training and a coach that guides you through that training.

That is because being aware of your own personality profile and trauma responses helps you understand why you respond to triggering situations and feel helpless to do anything about it.


You are a deep feeler and believe that you are deserving of healthy relationships where you can set your own boundaries, say yes to only the things you want to say yes to and become more comfortable with say no to the things you do not want to do.


What has been missing is that no one taught you how to set your boundaries and say no. You were taught to be polite, do not be rude ad do not speak up. You have been taught that somehow women are the weaker sex and being a  woman that is confident and assertive is only for the lucky few.

What you are missing is a positive role model that teaches you to understand your personality profile so you understand the reasons why you think, feel and behave the way you do and how this impacts our relationships and the ability to ask for what you need and want.

That's why you need Empowerment Coaching with Antonella

The 4 Pillars Of Personal Empowerment