Antonella Spatola is the founder and instructor of Wisdom For Women and ESD Australia.

She has a B.A.in Psychology, is a professional mediator in conflict resolution, a behavioural therapist for NDIS teaching ESD and life skills to young adults who are non-neurotypical, supports women with a history of trauma, and coaches uses positive psychology. 

She is also a certified Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor under Grandmaster Ip Chun since 1996.

She is Trauma-informed and is training to become a Lead Instructor with Padded Instructor Jeff Tan with  IMPACT Personal Safety based in LA.

She has her Level 3 accreditation in ESD, is a Master Instructor for ESD Global, and a mentor for ESD Global graduates. She speaks three languages and has worked intensively with the vision-impaired community.

Antonella has over 20 years of teaching ESD experience with her combined knowledge and skill base and has trained in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Israel. 

Antonella is also the Regional Manager for the Asia Pacific region with ESD Global. She supports other ESD instructors in this region to promote their work within their communities, delivering training and promoting ESD to the global community as first-hand preventative methods against violence. 

When she is not working, she enjoys her privacy with family and friends traveling and enjoying good food, music, and reading



Antonella has distilled her mastery of martial arts and understanding of human psychology into her passion for ESD. Utilising her knowledge and international training to deliver ESD programs which give the every day women tools to defend herself without the need for martial arts training. Believing that all girls and women have the right to feel safe and lead empowered lives is her inspiration towards normalising ESD and making it accesible to everyone.

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ESD Training is not just another self defence class. As a certified Wing Chun Fung Fu Instructor Antonella has seen the overwhelming benefits of ESD in as little as a 3 hour workshop compared to ongoing martial arts based training. ESD teaches you to recognise signs of abusive and toxic behaviours. This empowers the individual to become aware of what could eventuate and make decisions in the moment that are empowering. The ESD methodologies are taught by female instructors and the content is person/group specific, i.e. issues year 4/5's deal with are different from year 11/12's as a different for tertiary students compared to middle aged woman vs the LGBTIQ community.

ESD Australia is inspired to empowering Australian women, children and vulnerable populations through violence prevention education and accessibility of Empowered Self Defense (ESD) through the creation of specifically designed programs that are supportive, sustainable, longstanding, comprehensive, inclusive and empowering. Our programs are proven to promote healing and resiliency through a trauma informed lens.


We are dedicated to meaningful collaborating with community organisations in a coordinated approach that promotes urgently required primary prevention education, supported by evidence-based theory and practice to enable individuals to live a life free from fear and violence.

"100% of students that have taken an ESD Australia class say they would recommend others to also take it" - Head Instructor Antonella Spatola

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